Terms & Conditions of Booking

The small print - what you need to know

  1. Seatbelts must be worn at all times, in any of our vehicles.
  2. Smoking and/or the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any of our vehicles. Passengers drunk at the time of pickup will not be permitted to travel and any monies already paid will be forfeited.
  3. Chestfield Cars reserves the right to refuse the consumption of food and drink in any of its vehicles. The Law does not permit onboard glass bottles and drinking vessels.
  4. Any rubbish should be removed by the hirer at their first opportunity and should not be disposed of on the floor of the vehicle.
    Full payment is required on the 1st journey, to the driver unless prior paid, either cash or Card   If single payments you lose any discount that has been given, and payment would be required before we collect you. Credit debit cards through the office are subject to fees.
  5. Our driver’s aims meet you 45 minutes after landing time at the Airport, at designated meeting points, if you are hand luggage or travelling business class please inform the office. If flight is early or late there could be a delay as prior work is a priority.
  6. The hire is responsible for any information given, please check confirmation carefully and any changes please notify us, Chestfield Cars will not be responsible for incorrect information given. (Especially return landing date is not the leaving date).
  7. The final decision of time allowed to travel to the airport is the responsibility of the hirer.
  8. Any changes in return flight i.e. missed connection, changed flight or cancelled flight, the hire will need to notify us immediately, and if we cannot arrange another car we will refund that part of the journey. If we have gone to the airport without being notified then payment will be required for another car.
  9. Chestfield Cars shall not be responsible for failure to perform a contract for any reason outside its control. There is no guarantee that the vehicle will complete the journey in any given time and Chestfield Cars shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, which may arise, from any delay, traffic congestion, road accident or breakdown, weather conditions etc.
  10. Chestfield Cars shall not be held responsible for lost property or for repatriating a passenger with their lost property. Any lost property found will be held at our office for collection.
  11. The Hirer indemnifies the company against any breakage, loss or damage to any items carried on its vehicles.
  12. The Hirer shall be responsible to the Company for any damage to the vehicle through negligence or misconduct of the Hirer or passengers.
  13. Chestfield Cars reserve the right to substitute other operators vehicles to perform a contract should the need arise.
  14. The vehicle allocated for a contract will be constructed to carry the number of passengers requested.
  15. The Hirer undertakes to be responsible for the orderly behaviour of their party.
  16. Luggage room is limited on all vehicles. The company therefore limits the amount of luggage carried to one reasonably sized suitcase per passenger plus 1 hand luggage. It is the Hirers responsibility to inform the company if their luggage requirements exceed this specification.
  17. Cancellations by the Hirer with less than 48 hours notice could result in full payment on that journey.
  18. Cancellations made by the company will result in a full refund of all monies paid.
  19. Chestfield Cars reserve the right to refuse anyone that it deems to be a nuisance or danger to its employees or passengers and in extreme cases of nuisance the company may ask the Police to assist in requiring you to alight and may even prosecute such offenders. No compensation or refund will be made to such offenders.

This list of Terms and Conditions is in no particular order and by no means exhaustive. It is subject to amendments or updates at any given time.